When choosing to have a home intruder alarm system installed you are highly reducing the risk of damage and loss of property through burglary. An effective home alarm system guarantees safety and security to you, your family and home at all times. Due to the reduced risk of loss and burglary, discounts to your home insurance policy can be expected.

Wired Intruder Alarms In Derby

Wired systems draw their power from the electrical mains, uninterrupted power supply. Wireless systems use batteries for each device (sensors etc), which need monitoring and replacing. Homes which are undergoing refurbishment or new builds where it is easier to run cables are usually fitted with wired systems.

No battery replacements for devices

Wireless Intruder Alarms In Derby

With wireless technology ever improving wireless intruder alarms are popular with home owners because they are installed with minimum disruption to interior decoration within the property.

Reduced installation time
No need to route cables throughout your property


The CS Security Solutions ProControl+ mobile app ensures the safety of your home is always in the palm of your hand.

Set and unset your intruder alarm on the go
Receive notifications from any event
Check the status of your alarm anywhere

Don’t spend your day wondering if you’ve set your home alarm. Thanks to CS Security Solutions ProControl+ mobile app, you can access, monitor and control your intruder alarm system from anywhere in the world. Get notifications and system status’ through a highly secure encrypted connection.

So which is the better system?

In most areas there is very little difference between the two intruder alarm systems. For many, the deciding factor is whether or not their house already has a wired alarm installed or if the property is a new build or undergoing a refurbishment. If your house already has a wired alarm installed, replacing it with a wireless alarm has very little benefit.

If you do not have a intruder alarm fitted already, wireless intruder alarms are the simplest to install, with near identical performance to the alternative wired Intruder alarm. After all, wired alarm installations can be complex and time consuming task installing the cables.

Wireless intruder alarms can be installed in much less time and have a greater flexibility in terms of positing as there are no issues with unsightly wiring. This also means you can easily achieve optimum locations for your intruder alarm sensors.

You can position wired intruder alarm apparatus just as effectively, but you might have to sacrifice aesthetics due to cables running everywhere for the same effect. This is why the best time to install a wired system is if you are undergoing a refurbishment, the property is a new build or the cables are already in place and are in good working order.

In the end, it is these circumstantial factors that are most important in deciding whether to go wired or wireless.

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Monitored Security Systems

For increased security you may wish to have your intruder alarm system monitored. A monitored intruder alarm is linked via the telephone line, GSM network or IP to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). An ARC is a permanently manned monitoring centre whose staff are dedicated to monitoring security systems and contacting the right authority.

Every CS Security Solutions intruder alarm all feature ‘intelligence signalling’, meaning that the precise details of any alarm activation is relayed to our alarm receiving centre. Our trained operators are on hand 24 hours a day to immediately respond to incoming signals.

Once an alarm signal is received the system is queried to determine that the alarm is genuine and the appropriate response is taken. It also removes the security threat presented by isolated premises where the alarm wouldn’t be heard by passers-by.